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For new customers, Notion is available as download or a boxed version from our webstore located in the menubar above. For current customers please click here for upgrade options.

At Notion Music, we have decided to make Notion available at ONE lower price that fits into everyone’s budget.

Beside the price? Notion focuses on playback, performance and DAW compatibility… not like other notation engraving products. Notion truly bridges the gap between notation and an audio application, making it even easier to create music using your existing DAW. Notion is closer to a sequencer driven by a notation-engine… then your everyday notation software.

Also, Notion offers unique performance techniques that turns your computer into a musical instrument. NTempo and new features like vamps, repeats, and advanced score navigation enable you to really bring your scores to life in rehearsals and performances. Simply put, Notion provides superb notation capabilities while delivering unprecedented playback and performance capabilities.

Yep. You can import both Finale and Sibelius files via musicXML. You can instantly take advantage of Notion’s great sounds and perform your works live without having to re-enter all of your scores!

We sure do! Go here to download our competitive trade-up form for more information.

YES! Notion comes bundled with more sounds than any previous version of Notion – over 10 GBs of recorded samples… including new close mic London Symphony Orchestra sounds! Notion exclusively features improved and enhanced samples of the London Symphony Orchestra library... in stereo and reworked to up to 7 dynamic layers. No patch-work necessary. Just hit play and listen to your scores come to life.
Notion ALSO installs with all of the great sounds included with our guitar product Progression. These sounds feature electric and acoustic guitar by Neil Zaza, electric bass by Victor Wooten, drums by Roy “Futureman” Wooten, along with upright bass, clavinet and Fender Rhodes… all recorded at world-famous studios!

We have included instrument presets available directly from score setup for the following libraries (require no additional mapping):
VSL: Special Edition, Special Edition PLUS, Standard and Extended Libraries
EWQL: Symphonic Orchestra Platinum, Play Edition
IK Multimedia: Miroslav Philharmonik

Absolutely! In fact, Notion comes bundled with two built in VSTs reverb and amp simulator to get you going out of the gates.

Yes! Notion fully supports ReWire both as host and slave. We are the only notation product that offers ReWire hosting.

Notion’s brand new, professional audio mixer is unlike anything you have ever seen in a notation product. Notion’s mixer is complete with multiple channel outputs, faders and meters, stereo panning, solo and mute, and sends and busses for integrating with your VSTs and VSTi software plugins. Check out details on the mixer at the Notion page.

Yep. You can import any 16bit, 44.1KHz WAV file into your score.

A new feature of Notion, Our Sequencer Staff is the perfect marriage between sequencer style editing and standard notation. With a Sequencer Staff you can very easily edit all of your midi-recorded data including articulations and continuous controller information like volume, velocity and pitch bend.
Check out the Notion SequencerStaff tab for more information

WYSIWYG! What you see is what you get! Notion’s advanced printing does not disappoint.

MusicXML, MIDI, WAV, Notion supports your files types so you can take your music with you… anywhere!

Yes! With built-in musicXML import features, you can use popular 3rd party scanning tools to scan your sheet music and import directly into Notion. Notion does not come bundled with scanning software.

Notion will allow you to install a 32 or 64-bit version of the program. The 64-bit version is a native 64-bit application meaning that it will run in 64-bit mode and allow you to use the entire amount of memory installed in your system. 32-bit applications limit memory usage to 3.5 GB.

The 32-bit version of Notion will only support 32-bit VST’s and the 64-bit version will only support 64-bit VST’s. If you would like to use your 32-bit VST’s with the 64-bit version or vice versa, there is a program called jBridge that will allow you to do this.

Min velocity: Choose a larger number to eliminate accidental notes when recording with a guitar. Choose a smaller number for more sensitivity when using a keyboard.
Min duration: This is going to be a measurement of the minimum duration of a note that will be picked up by the program. A larger minimum duration will ignore small, accidental notes when using a guitar whereas a smaller minimum duration will include very short notes.
Tracking: Use a lower number when composing for melodies and a higher number when writing chords.

Yes, Notion now has 64-bit ReWire support integrated into the native 64-bit version of the program.

Notion will allow you to enter as many measures as you would like. To add additional measures, simply press the letter “i” on your computer keyboard to arm your mouse pointer with a single bar line and click in your score as many times as needed.

Yes, they should automatically get detected during installation.

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